A few of my favourites

Hello lovelies! So yes it’s been a while but these last few months have been hell 😔 I mean I stopped filming my YouTube but I’m going to try again and pick myself back up again!

So here are a few things I’ve been using a lot recently and a big shout-out to topshop for having such blinding highlighters! It’s the best I’ve used so far out of all my highlighters ranting from high end to drugstore. I got this one in tkmaxx for £5 instead of £15 ish I’m not too sure of the price.

Lush’s lipscrubs are always my essential wherever I go! They also smell amazing and have made my lips so much softer! I think they are around £5.50 but so worth it!

The small glitter liner is from Poundland and I have purchased this so many times before! It’s so good and really stays on too! It’s worth trying it! Also for a £1 you can’t go wrong!

Hopefully I’ll see you guys again soon! I hope to post more but I’m really low at the moment so it’s hard for me!

Lots of love Lou xoxo


Makeup revolution highlighters

Hello everyone!

How are you all today?

I finally have a day off work!

So I picked up these two last week and I’m in love with them! They’re both an iridescent pink tone. The top one is their Halloween one ghost lights which cost me £3 from Superdrug. It’s so pigmented but so are all of revolution’s highlighters. I just had to get this one as it was Halloween like and I also picked Hollie one up too! It’s just a powder one but I prefer powder for a more blinding look. I definitely recommend this and for the price you can’t go wrong!

The second one is their strobe balm and it’s a cream highlighter in a pinkish tone. This was £2.50 on offer and it’s actually really pigmented! I’m glad I picked it up as it gives off a really pretty glow! This is more of a subtle glow but still quite bright. I just find strobe balms aren’t as long lasting sometimes. I do recommend it though!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Go check out their products as they’re amazing quality for the price!


Current favourite base makeup

Hello everyone!

How are you all? Sorry I have been away again! Work has been busy and life in general! On the bright side me and Hollie have been together 2 years now!

I’m currently at work writing this but I received these beauties the other day and I’m in love! I cannot find a bad word to say about these!

So for the foundation , I hadn’t heard of the company before until someone on YouTube mentioned it and I thought I’d order it and give it a go! It cost me £5.90 off cult beauty and it’s in the shade 1.2Y as my skin is quite pink toned so I got the yellow toned one in the second lightest shade. It’s very watery but the coverage is amazing! It’s completely evened out my skin and doesn’t dry it out either! I find it hard to get yellow toned foundation!

I highly recommend it! It’s so good! The bottle is a reasonable size!

For the Tarte shape tape, I’ve been wanting to try this concealer for ages! I finally got hold of it and it was a little higher in price but it was definitely worth it! I got mine in the fairest shade as I’m so pale! It’s the best concealer I’ve bought in a long while! The stick is quite thick compared to a normal liquid stick concealer! It’s also very high coverage. I definitely recommend this high end concealer!

I hope you enjoy this little review!


Primark false nails

Hello everyone! How are you all? So I’m blogging at work again!

So I have been using Primark false nails for the last 6 months and I just can’t get enough of them! They all range from £1 to £2.50 but they are such good quality and stay on for at least 2 weeks! They also bring out new colours weekly and patterns too! I’d definitely recommend them!

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Mua products

Hello everyone! How are you all today? I’m currently stuck at work whilst posting this:(

So I recently went to Superdrug and found these amazing bargains! They are also some of my holy grails at the moment! If it makes in any better they were all under £5!

So I first bought the mua powerbrow pomade which comes with a little brush stored in the top half , this one I got in the shade dark brown as my hair is black at the moment. This cost me around £4.50 but the product goes so far and lasts for ages! I always use pomade for my brows now as it seems to last longer and I work with it better!

The mua white liner was only £1 and i have found it quite hard to find one that works well that isn’t overpriced! I’m so glad I found this as I use it on my waterline and it’s really pigmented! I definitely recommend it!

The last one is actually lightening drops for my foundation and I’ve been looking for these for ages and they’re so worth getting if your foundation or concealer is a little dark! This was £3 and I’ve managed to lighten all my foundations for now! If you’re looking for some drops to darken your foundation they do them too!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review!

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Primark liquid lipsticks

Hello everyone! How are you all?

I’m exhausted today! Been running about all day!

I picked these up last week from Primark for £2 each and I love them! I’m afraid I’m not too sure on the shades as they don’t have names but they are with the new insta girl collection so look out for them! They’re so pretty! These two are nude shades , one is a pale pink with white undertones and the other is a purple with brown undertones and I love them! They dry nicely and don’t crack my lips like some liquid lipsticks! Also you can’t go wrong for £2! These are easy to apply and last all day too which I was surprised about! I can’t wait to use them more!

I’ve bought a lot recently so be ready for lots of new posts!


Think pink!

Hello everyone! How are you all? I can’t believe it’s September already! I can’t wait to get my autumn clothes out!

Here are some of my favourite pink makeup products!

I’ll start with the Anastasia glow kit in sweets, it’s so pretty and the colours are so pigmented! It’s quite pricey but I love it! My favourite shade is grapes , which is a light purple shade. I use it every now and then but the lighter cream tones are best to wear daily!

For the too faced chocolate bon bons pallete it’s quite a new addition to the family of eyeshadows! The packaging really sells itself! It’s so gorgeous! Also it has such a range of colours! I love the glittery shades in there! It costs around £40 but I would definitely recommend it!

Benefits roller lash packaging is so pretty too! I bought this when it was released and I was really excited for it! I will say it was a little disappointing when I bought it as I paid £20 for it and the mascara was really dry and didn’t give my lashes a lot of length or volume:(

Too faced melted lipsticks are so worth £19 the packaging again is so pretty and there are so many shades to choose from! I’ve got 3 so far but this shade is perfect for summer! It’s quite bright but I love it! I think this one is melted bunny! They also don’t dry my lips out and last all day. I’d definitely recommend!

Eos balms have been my holy grail for years and this flavour I keep repurchasing, its the strawberry one! They cost around £6.50 from boots or Superdrug but they’re worth it! I always carry one around with me, they taste so good too! And they really hydrate your lips!

Babylips lip balms are just amazing! I own so many now I can’t keep count! They all smell so good and some have a lovely tint to them! This one is pink punch and it’s one of the first ones I bought. They’re around £3 and they really help dry and cracked lips. They do so many different flavours and colours too! You can get these online or in any drugstore.

Barry m liquid eyeliner, I haven’t had much use out of it but it’s really good for festival Makeup and parties! It’s easy to apply and it’s affordable too! The colour stays on all day and doesn’t budge at all! I’ve seen so many people doing looks with pink eyeliner recently so get creative and give it a go!

I hope you all enjoyed this review on so many wonderful products! I’ll be posting a few this week as I have lots of new makeup to show you guys!